Project Spotlight: Holoride, a very interesting product utility project.

You may have heard about Holoride somewhere, but so far it hasn’t gotten very much hype, so it’s understandable if you didn’t. Which would be a shame, since it is a very cool and unique project, with a lot of potential.


Holoride is a project, which launched on MultiverseX (then still named Elrond). It was the first project to launch on the launchpad of Elrond, xLaunchpad (then named Maiar). It’s not just a product with a cool promised utility, it actually has the utility and has partnerships with multiple big companies.



What is it?
Holoride is a project which offers VR glasses for in the car as a product, with the glasses you can play games and stream videos. So entertainment for the car ride.
But it does so in a very unique way. Holoride uses motion data from the vehicle to synchronize VR content with the user’s movements. This creates a hyper-immersive experience resulting in a completely new way of experiencing travel.

“Combining the immersive and limitless potential of virtual reality and real-time data from in-motion vehicles, the holoride platform is an entirely new media paradigm. While passengers are immersed in a virtual experience, physical feedback such as acceleration and steering, as well as traffic data, route, and time, come together to create breathtakingly transformative experiences while reducing motion sickness. The experiential power of holoride’s “Motorverse” is further enhanced by the RIDE token, which was conceived to supercharge the social content ecosystem by delivering a more customizable and user-authored experience.”

 “Munich-based holoride was founded in 2018 by Nils Wollny, Marcus Kuehne, and Daniel Profendiner, with Audi also on board as a minority shareholder. In 2021, holoride received the prestigious Best in Show award at SXSW Pitch after winning in the Entertainment, Gaming, & Content category. The company is a 2023 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and received “Best of CES 2019” honors from Tom’s Guide, CNET, and SlashGear. holoride is also recognized as one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2019” by TIME Magazine, and as one of the “100 Most Consumer-Centric Companies of 2022” by Forbes.”

So in other words. You place their detection device in your car and connect it with your VR-glasses, and then the movement of the car gets added to the VR experience.

You can read more on the Xlaunchpad project page as well.

So Holoride actually has a working product and has some pretty big partnerships as well.
Check it out below.