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RWA Explained and 5 RWA coins

Introduction So as mentioned before RWA stands for "Real World Asset", an asset in the real world digitized on the ...

8 Coins Where Most of The Supply is Circulating

When looking at the tokenomics of a project, one of the things to look for is the supply, mainly the ...

Project Spotlight: Holoride

You may have heard about Holoride somewhere, but so far it hasn't gotten very much hype, so it's understandable if ...

Case Study: Blast, Rising in name and with controversy

Blast is a new project, it is a layer 2 project for Ethereum. It has garnered a lot of attention ...

5 Crypto events you should be aware of.

A lot has happend in the world of cryptocurrency. Several events however have had a lot of influence or are ...

5 Songs that Mention Crypto or are About Crypto

IntroductionIn this post we will take a look/ listen to some songs that mention crypto. Most songs about crypto are ...

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Index of crypto influencer. Looking to find some opinions or information from influencers? Here you can find an index with most crypto influencers and their channels. Most popular channels are Youtube, Twitter and Telegram. For communities Discord as well.


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