In this post we will take a look/ listen to some songs that mention crypto. Most songs about crypto are fun songs, but some pop songs exists too which mention it, several are posted here. There are plenty of songs mentioning crypto, so more installments of this post series will follow.

The list is in random order.

5. Eminem feat Royce da 5'9 - Not Alike (2018)

It may not be a song totally about crypto, but it does feature a line by Royce da 5’9.  It is probably one of the first songs to mention crypto, at least by a well-known artist. 

“Member everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doin’ Bitcoin”


4. Jason Derulo - Acapulco (2021)

Another big name mentioning crypto.  In this song he sings:

“you got me, likе bitcoin and like Doge I’m rich with you besidе me.”


3. Remy - Bitcoin Billionaire (2017)

A full song about crypto, albeit it is not by a major pop artist. We could feature some lyrics, but the entire song is about crypto.

2. Lil Bubble - Old Town Road (Bitcoin Version) (2019)

Another full song about crypto. Brought forth in the bear market, which appears to be a heavy influence to the artist.


1. Kuami Eugene, Rotimi - Cryptocurrency (2023)

Another song which mentions crypto several times, especially in the music video.