Crypto 101: Crypto Gaming

What happens to gaming when you infuse it with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? You get crypto gaming, perhaps not so surisingly. In this blog post, we’ll explore how crypto gaming is changing the way we play, own, and interact in virtual worlds.


Traditional gaming has long been a popular pastime, but it often comes with limitations, when it comes to achievments. Players can acquire in-game items, but true ownership and control over those items remain in the hands of game developers and their value is limited to your account, in a lot of cases. Enter crypto gaming, which introduces a new level of innovation.

Ownership Through NFTs
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have transformed the gaming landscape. They represent unique in-game assets, such as skins, weapons, or characters, and are stored on a blockchain. This means that players have true ownership and can buy, sell, or trade these items both within and outside of the game.

NFTs are at the heart of the crypto gaming revolution. They enable true ownership, players own their in-game assets as NFTs, giving them the power to control their digital belongings. With interoperability NFTs can be used across multiple games and platforms, allowing for cross-game asset utilization.

Play-to-Earn Model
Crypto gaming often embraces a play-to-earn model, where players can earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs by participating in the game. Not only is this interesting for onboarding new players, but also adds a new utility and can actually reward you for playing the game and performing well.

The State of Crypto Gaming.
In the past, crypto games were often criticized for their poor graphics and gameplay. In a lot of cases this is still the situation. There are games which look dated and hardly state of the art, though that does not mean it is not fun. However, this is starting to change, as more and more AAA game developers are beginning to embrace blockchain technology. For example, Ubisoft, one of the largest game developers in the world, recently announced that it is developing a new AAA blockchain game.

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