So once you have used an exchange to buy crypto and withdrew it to your own wallet, you are ready to trade on a dex. Meaning you use your own wallet to buy crypto on the blockchain (instead of on an centralized exchange).

In case you don’t know how to witdraw crypto from an exchange, see this post:

For this example we are using the Metamask wallet and Uniswap Exchange.
Left is the image on a desktop and right is the image on a smartphone.

Step 1: DEX website.
Going to the website of the DEX.
I.E. Uniswap

Step 2: Connect
Click the “Connect” button.
On desktop you can choose “Metamask”. On Mobile you can choose “WalletConnect” first, then choose Metamask.

Step 3: Choosing the coin you want to trade.
Choose the coin which you want to buy. You can type the name if it’s a well-known coin. If you are trading a new or relatively smaller coin, you will have to paste the contract address of the coin.

You can often find the contract address on Coinmarketcap, on the website of the coin or on their Telegram group for example.

Step 4: Choose the amount.
Choose the amount which you want to buy.

Step 5: Confirm
Confirm the buy. You will see the amount which you will be buying and the fees for using the network.
On mobile you will see an additional message, which you can confirm as well.