So the first step into buying crypto has been made (

Your next step is to use your funds to buy crypto. Assuming you have used a local company to aquire your first crypto, like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. You are ready to purchase other cryptos. In case you used a larger exchange, like Binance, to acquire crypto, you can remain on the exchange.

By using a local company to buy crypto, the benefit is that you can use your own currency and the payment method which is used in your country.
In case you can’t find any company which offers an on-ramp service, you can just use Binance.

Opening an account
First you need to open an account on a exchange.
Note that most accounts require you to KYC, which means that you have to prove your identity.

Once you have registrered and made an account, you can deposit crypto. In this example we will use Kucoin.

Depositing crypto
Step 1: Hit the “assets” button on the bottom right. If you are using a different exchange it may be called “wallet” for example.
Step 2: Click on “Deposit
Step 3: Choose the crypto you want to deposit, make sure you choose the correct one you want to deposit.
Step 4: Select the Network. A coin may be able to operate on different networks, however you must choose the correct one which you want to use. For Ethereum you usually choose (Ethereum or ERC20).
When you Witdraw crypto from a different exhange, they usally let you choose a network as well.
Step 5: Copy your wallet address. You can usually do this easily buy clicking the copy button next to it. Note in this image the address has been blurred.

Withdrawing crypto
In case you want to withdraw crypto from an exhange, it almost works on the same way. Instead of hitting “deposit”, you hit “Withdraw”

Step 1: Hit the “witdraw” button.
Step 2: Choose the crypto you want to withdraw.
Step 3: Enter the wallet address you wish to deposit to. Select the Network on which you wish to withdraw and select the amount you want to Witdraw.
Step 4: On step 4 you will be prompted to enter the security details, like your password and security code.

Finding your wallet address on your wallet.
In case you are using a wallet, like Metamask, you can find your wallet address on the app. You can copy the walletaddress and paste it in the withdraw address section, on the image above
On the image below we will show you where you can find your address, left image for desktop, right image for mobile.
On the desktop click on the metask icon in your browser, this will open your wallet. You will see your walletaddress on the top.
On the mobile app, simply open the app and you will see it on the top.

Most exchanges have 2 wallets under your account, a main wallet and trading wallet. The main wallet is used for depositing and withdrawing. and the trading wallet, from where, you may have guessed it, you can trade. In order to use these wallets, you will have to transfer your crypto from 1 wallet to the other. This is simply done by hitting the “transfer” button, choosing the crypto and choose whether you want to tranfer it to the main or trading wallet.

Trading a crypto
Cryptos are traded in a pair, meaning you give a crypto and you get a different crypto in return. Usually coins are paired in Bitcoin, Ethereum and a stable coin (like Tether). So you give Ethereum and receive a different crypto in return.
Once you have deposited the crypto on an exchange, you can trade it for a different crypto.

Step 1: Press the “markets” button.
Step 2: Choose the coin you want to trade
Step 3: You will see the coin and the pairs in which it can be traded. In this example we used the Kucoin token (KCS).
Step 4: Since there are a lot of pairs, we chose the one we needed KCS/ETH (since we wanted to trade in Ethereum).
Step 5: You can choose whether you want to buy or sell. Press “buy”
Step 6: You can choose how you want to trade. Where you see market, it usually starts with “limit” meaning you can set a price at which you want to trade. It would need to hit that price in order for the buy or sell to happen.
Choosing market means you buy or sell it at current marketprice. You choose the amount with which you want to buy and click the “Buy KCS” button.


Should you not understand anything or want some more explanation, send us a message , and we will get back to it.